Tired Of Having Short Teeth?

What do you see when you look at your smile? If the answer is teeth that are too small, short, or worn down to present a good look then we know how frustrated you are. If you don’t like your smile then it’s hard to want to show it off. Even talking can be embarrassing if you think your teeth are too short!

There are a few different reasons why your teeth might look too short, and thankfully we can solve the problems at Panama City Smiles. With just a couple of simple procedures we can have you sporting a great new smile that looks simply incredible.

How Do Short Teeth Happen?

Having short teeth is generally due to one of two problems: either you have a gummy smile or your teeth have become worn down due to bruxism. In the former situation you simply have an excess of gum tissue, while in the latter you’re dealing with actual tooth damage. This means we need to take different approaches to fix these two problems.

Un-Gumming A Gummy Smile

Excess gingival tissue is a completely normal condition and doesn’t affect the health of your teeth in any way. It does affect your look, though, which is why we offer gummy smile treatments that can completely transform your look!

The procedure itself is simple: we just have to remove some of that excess gum tissue in order to reveal the teeth hidden beneath it. There’s a bit of work required to get there, however, and some very specific steps to a proper healthy recovery.

Removing excess gum tissue is done surgically, and after the procedure is over you’ll have a few small stitches in your gums. Thankfully gum tissue heals incredibly fast, so you’ll be feeling fine in as little as a week.

While healing you’ll have to be sure to take any prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers, eat a soft diet, use a saltwater rinse to gently clean your teeth, and generally be a bit delicate on your gums until they’re fully healed again. With one final appointment we’ll give you the all clear and you’ll be able to start showing the world your great new look. A week or two of healing is a small price to pay for a beautiful new smile!

Repairing Tooth Wear

When your teeth are ground down due to bruxism (grinding, gnashing, and clenching of your teeth) a number of health problems can result. You may have an increased cavity risk, suffer from gum disease, and feel pain due to exposure of the inner portion of your teeth.

These conditions don’t need to spell the end of your smile, though, and it’s actually really easy to repair. We can restore your teeth using an ultra-thin layer of porcelain known as a dental veneer.

Veneers are a lot like a false nail for your teeth, but they’re also able to do a bit of protecting of exposed inner tissue as well. When we design veneers for your worn down teeth we’ll be able to lengthen them and permanently secure the veneer to your teeth, covering up the sensitive worn spots.

Veneers take two appointments to place: at the first we’ll remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth so that your veneers adhere better. We’ll also take an impression that’s used to build your veneers along with specific instructions that we give to the lab. At the second appointment just a couple of weeks later we’ll attach your veneers and you’ll be ready to enjoy your perfect new smile.

In a few cases of worn teeth it can be necessary to place crowns instead. If there isn’t enough remaining tooth to cover it with a veneer we’ll perform the same procedure we do for gummy smiles so that we have enough to cover with a crown. This severe level of wear is uncommon, however.

Give Your Smile A Boost – Permanently!

If you’re wondering which option is for you then we know exactly what you need: a no-pressure consultation appointment at our Panama City office. We’re ready to see you whenever you’re ready to transform your smile!

Give us a call today at 850-588-0185 or simply request an appointment online. We look forward to giving you a set of teeth to really smile about!

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