Toothaches Are Trying To Tell You Something!

Have you ever bitten into something and felt a stab of pain? If not, consider yourself lucky. Countless people experience toothaches each year, and many more don’t even bother reporting or dealing with their dental pain.

When you experience a toothache your body is trying to tell you something, and it’s often something we don’t want to hear. That’s why so many people ignore their toothaches in the hope that the pain goes away, but ignoring it isn’t a solution at all!

If you’ve been dealing with a toothache you need to know the cause. We’re happy to diagnose it at our Panama City dentist office, but it can be helpful to know what the cause could be right now, right?

The Causes Of Dental Pain

The kind of toothache you have can vary greatly, and each cause has a different source. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most common kinds of dental pain and the reasons for them here. Hopefully this can shed some light on your problem!

Temperature Sensitivity That Doesn’t Linger

Does soup, tea, or ice cream give you a short, sharp shock? We know you don’t want it to happen again – that kind of pain can be alarming and absolutely prevent you from eating your favorite foods and drinks.

If you’re experiencing temperature sensitivity that doesn’t stick around there probably isn’t a serious issue. You still need to be seen, but you can schedule an appointment at your leisure.

This kind of pain indicates that you may have a loose filling, a cavity, or minor gum recession that has exposed some of the more sensitive parts of your teeth. If you’re experiencing sensitivity after a dental appointment just wait a week or so before being worried. Routine procedures can cause inflammation of the roots of your teeth, but it will go away.

Lasting Temperature-Based Pain

On the other hand, if your temperature-related pain is lasting more than 30 seconds you should probably give us a call right away. Lasting temperature pain usually indicates a cavity that has reached the root of a tooth or a serious dental injury that has created a deep fracture.

Sharp Pain When You Bite Down

This is probably one of the scariest kinds of dental pain around. It comes on suddenly and is usually really painful, and for a good reason.

This kind of pain indicates a filling that is failing or has cracked the tooth, a fracture in your tooth, or serious decay that is destabilizing the tooth to the point where it could soon break. Don’t mess around with this kind of pain – give our Panama City office a call right away!

Constant Lingering Pain

This kind of discomfort can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you can’t figure out where it’s coming from! In most cases of persistent aching pain in your jaw or teeth is due to grinding, gnashing, and clenching of your jaw and teeth.

This pain can be annoying and taxing, but is often easy to treat with a mouthguard or other intervention. Don’t go on aching when we can fix it easily!

Incredible Pain With Swelling, Fever, Etc.

If you have dental pain that involves swelling, a fever, sensitivity to touch, a sensation of pressure, or swelling of gums you probably have a dental abscess. These serious infections happen when tooth decay becomes too severe and moves past the teeth into the gums and bone. It’s super dangerous and isn’t something you want to let go without treatment!

A dental abscess can eventually lead to lost bone and gum tissue and destruction of teeth. They’re rare because the decay usually causes pain before an abscess can form, but when they do happen it’s essential to get quick treatment.

Dental Pain Is An Emergency: Don’t Wait!

We are committed to seeing emergency patients as soon as possible. If you have a toothache you should call us right away at 850-588-0185 so we can see you that same day. Our goal in emergencies is always to eliminate pain and have you comfortable as soon as possible. We’ll fix the problem and have you back to living pain-free ASAP!

If you have a non-emergency dental care need you can call us at the number above, or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon, and we hope it isn’t because of an emergency!


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