Trick For Getting Your Family To Drink More Water

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Help Your Family Improve Oral Health By Drinking More Water

You hear it all the time that you need to drink plenty of water to stay healthy, but usually, this advice is given as a general suggestion for your overall health. If you’re unaware, you should know that being optimally hydrated is important for several health factors, including your oral health.

For one thing, staying hydrated ensures that you have enough saliva in your mouth to help rinse away bad bacteria and food particles. The act of drinking water also helps with this.

But drinking enough water can be easier said than done. The amount you should drink depends on your height, weight, and many other factors, but on average it’s recommended that people drink eight full cups (eight ounces) of water every day.

One strategy for getting your family to drink more water is to make the refreshing beverage a little more flavorful. Try purchasing a low-calorie, sugar-free flavoring that you can add to water to make it more enjoyable for your kids and the rest of your family.

You can also pack in some flavor and make water more visually appealing as well by using frozen fruit instead of ice in beverages. You can also freeze small chunks of fruits and berries in ice cubes.

If your family is competitive, you can make a little contest out of drinking water. Of course, everyone who drinks enough water should be rewarded, so whenever someone reaches their water-drinking goal for the day, give them some form of small prize.

To help remind yourself to drink enough water, you can make a point of drinking a certain amount by a certain time or connect it to some other task you do throughout the day. For instance, you can drink a full cup of water after you return from each bathroom break while you’re working.

You can also encourage yourself and your children to drink more water by designating special water cups or bottles. As a parent or guardian, you know very well how exciting something as simple as a favorite cup can be for your little ones.

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