Want a Bright Smile? These 5 Foods Can Help

One of the biggest contributors to a healthy smile is your diet. Your teeth not only grind up the food you eat, but they also benefit from the nutrients that the food provides. Choosing foods that have high amounts of smile-friendly ingredients like calcium will go a long way toward giving you a smile that you will be proud to show off. The cool thing is that much of the food is actually stuff you want to eat. Take a few seconds and look over some of these foods that can give your smile a boost. Dr. Patel wants to help you find a great smile, and our Panama City, FL office can help you get there.

These Foods Are Friends To Your Smile

Cheese – Cheese is the bacon of the dairy world. You add it to anything and it automatically becomes better. Try it. Think of your favorite food, and then put cheese on it. The awesome thing is that, besides the obvious taste benefits, cheese can also improve your oral health. Cheese raises the pH level inside your mouth as you eat it. The elevated pH levels lower the danger of tooth decay. There is also evidence that suggests that the way you chew cheese causes increased saliva production. And cheese gives you calcium, protein, and other nutrients needed to help your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Yogurt – This is another member of the dairy family, so you know you’re getting the calcium and protein you need to keep a healthy smile. The sneaky benefit of yogurt is in the good bacteria it contains. This bacteria is known broadly as probiotics, and it is great for your digestive system. It also happens to combat the bad bacteria in your mouth. The good bacteria in yogurt “pushes out” the bad bacteria and lessens the chances of you developing gum disease. If you decide to add some yogurt to your diet, you should look to add plain yogurt. You get all the health benefits and none of the sugar that can give the gum-disease-causing bacteria a lifeline to hang on.

Leafy Greens – Every list of healthy foods for your body will include leafy greens on it somewhere. This is because they are legitimately one of the best foods you can eat. They contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals that benefit your body. Leafy greens are also great sources of calcium (good for teeth) and fiber. The fiber also helps keep your teeth clean. There is literally no downside (healthwise) from adding leafy greens to your diet. Another thing is that you can add leafy greens to your diet pretty easily. Throw some kale into your post-workout smoothie. Order the side salad at dinner instead of the blooming onion. Get your greens wherever and whenever you can.

Apples – Apples are a unique food. They are the subject of sayings about keeping the dentist away, which is not recommended. A regular routine of getting your teeth looked at by a dentist is always better than a fruit-based dental plan, but back to apples. They do a wonderful job of cleaning your teeth as you eat them. This is no substitute for brushing, but eating apples will help you keep your smile bright in between the morning and evening. The texture of the apple also stimulates your gums and leaves your mouth feeling great. The natural sugars in the apple also burn off easily and give you a sweet treat that you can pack in your lunch without hurting your smile. There is almost no good reason not to start eating more apples. That is, unless you think that you can replace your dental visits with a lifetime supply of apples. In that case, we would suggest you rethink your position.

Almonds – The perfect food for your smile is one that is low in sugar, high in calcium, and great on its own or with almost anything else you can eat. The almond is a wonderful smile-friendly food that will do wonders for your dental health. The nice thing is that you can add them to any meal, no matter what it is. Throw them into your cereal in the morning, add them to your salad at lunch, put them on your entree at dinner. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to all that you can do with almonds in your diet.

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