Want a Whiter Smile? Know Your Dental Whitening Options

A white smile is the kind of smile everyone wants. Your teeth are supposed to be white, and when they aren’t, they get noticed. If you need to give your smile a boost, you may consider looking into a dental whitening treatment. The trick is knowing what is out there and what can help you get the bright smile you are looking for.

Dental Whitening Options

Here are three dental whitening options that you can use. They all will give you some level of whitening. The variables are how much whitening they can provide, how expensive the treatments are, and how long it takes them to give you the whitening they promise. Look below at each one for a quick cost and effectiveness rating.

1. Natural Whitening Options – Mother Nature is pretty good at almost everything. She is responsible for everything we see around us, and so it only makes sense that she would have a way for us to get the kind of bright white smile we are supposed to have. Here is a quick, all-natural dental whitening recipe to help you improve the look of your smile.

The Strawberry Secret – Strawberries contain malic acid. The reason this is important is because malic acid is a natural enamel whitener. As you know, the whiter your enamel, the whiter your teeth appear. To create this homemade teeth whitening, start with a few strawberries. Mash them into a pulp, and mix them with some baking soda until you have a nice paste. Take the paste and spread it onto your teeth. Wait about five minutes, and then rinse your mouth. Be sure to brush your teeth also; the seeds from the strawberries have a sneaky way of getting stuck in your teeth otherwise. Doing this treatment consistently will yield good whitening results for some people in about two weeks or so.

Cost:* Strawberries (1 lb.) – $2.85
Baking Soda (1 lb.) – $1.85
*Makes enough for about two weeks’ worth of whitening

Effectiveness: Mild to moderate whitening possible with consistent use

2. OTC Dental Whitening – Your standard over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitener is going to do a much better job of whitening your teeth than any natural option will. You will get whiter teeth in less time but for quite a bit more money than what you would spend on a natural option. OTC dental whitening is limited, however. The FDA has put a ceiling on how potent companies are allowed to make their whitening products. The more potent the solution, the faster and more effective the whitening will be. Right now, that limit is between 5 and 15 percent concentration. This way, you can’t hurt yourself with a concentration that’s too strong.

Cost: OTC dental whitening can range anywhere from $20 all the way to $99. It all depends on the concentration level of the whitening element.

Effectiveness: Moderate dental whitening in roughly a week of use

3. Professional Teeth Whitening – This is the level of dental whitening where you get practically instant results. The concentration levels of professional dental whitening treatments range from 15 to 40 percent concentration. At the top end of spectrum, the results of your whitening treatment can be truly amazing. Here is a look at the dental whitening option we have available at Panama City Smiles.

KöR Deep Bleaching – KöR is a respected name in the world of dental whitening. We are able to give you a smile that is up to 16 shades whiter with a treatment. You read that correctly – 16 shades! This is because of a couple things that are unique to the KöR method. The first is the tri-barrel delivery method for the whitening gel. The whitening agents are kept separate right up to the point of application. This means they have no time for their whitening effects to diminish. You are getting the most potent form of whitening that we can provide. The other reason KöR is so effective is that the gel is kept cold from the point it is mixed to the point that it is applied. This, again, helps to make sure that none of the potency is lost due to temperature. This method yields a long-lasting whitening experience that will have you smiling wide when you leave our Panama City, FL office.

Cost: Depends on the provider

Effectiveness: Extreme whitening in as little as one treatment

Dr. Patel wants to help you get the kind of smile you are looking for. With the help of him and his staff at Panama City Smiles, you can have a brilliantly whiter smile in as little as an hour. Call us today at 850-588-0185 to schedule your appointment.

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