Want Dental Implants And Teeth Without A Wait?

Nothing changes your life like losing teeth and having to wear dentures. If you’ve ever taken your natural teeth for granted that probably all changed when they started falling out! If you’ve spent time looking for a real permanent solution to your tooth loss you’ve probably come across dental implants before, but who wants to wait to heal for months before being able to live with teeth?

Waiting for a full mouth bridge after implant placement isn’t actually a problem anymore, at least if you live in Panama City. We can place your implants and fit you with a set of fixed teeth all in one appointment – how’s that for a great deal?

The Art Of The Same-Day Smile

There’s a good reason why it used to take a while between implant placement and restoration: we couldn’t get a good enough look at the insides of your jaw. Implants of the past had to bind to bone and heal before they could handle any kind of force, which left many people without teeth for up to six months!

Modern technology has made that wait vanish thanks to 3D imaging. We can create a complete 3D digital image of your facial structure so that we know exactly how to place implants that can bear weight from the moment they’re placed in your jaw.

We use the digital model of your face to line up implants with incredible precision, and all without worrying about striking a nerve, vein, or any other sensitive tissue: it all shows up on the 3D model!

How The Same-Day Smile Happens

Depending on your needs we’ll use either four or six dental implants to create your permanent new look. Once we’ve modeled everything we’ll have you in for your implant procedure. We’ll fully anesthetize the area and provide sedation if you would desire, then we’ll transform your smile!

After your procedure is complete we’ll attach your temporary full mouth bridge. This prosthetic stays in place during the healing process and is later replaced with a custom built a permanent one. Don’t worry, though – it will still look incredibly lifelike.

Healing: It’s Easy!

If you’re nervous about the recovery period don’t be: it’s surprisingly simple and minimally painful. You’ll need to give your mouth a few weeks to initially heal, during which time you’ll need to stick to a diet of soft foods. Once your implants have started to become secure you’ll be all set to enjoy the good life with a reliable set of teeth.

The full implant integration process takes about four to six months, during which time we’ll have you back for regular progress checks. You probably won’t have any restrictions after the first few weeks of recovery, though – it’s really that easy!

After you’ve fully healed we’ll take an impression of your mouth so we can build your permanent teeth. Once they come back from the lab you’ll be ready to live with a smile that won’t ever have to come out again!

Is Dental Implant Hygiene Difficult?

If you’ve spent any time living with dentures you know what a hassle false teeth are. Don’t think that those rules apply to implants, though – they’re just like having the real thing.

Caring for your dental implants is just like caring for natural teeth: brush them twice a day and, depending on your restorations, floss in the evening. With proper care like the kind, you’d give to natural teeth you should be able to keep your implants without any problems for the rest of your life.

Implants aren’t invincible, though: they can still fall prey to a gum disease like a condition called peri-implant disease. If oral bacteria manages to make it down into space between your implant and gums you could suffer from inflammation, gum loss, bone loss, and even implant failure. You’ll have to keep caring for your implants and seeing us at Panama City Smiles so we can be sure you’re staying healthy for as long as you’re wearing implants.

Want To Get New Teeth In One Day?

Imagine life with dental implants: it would be so much better than life with dentures that there’s almost no comparison. If you want to find out what that life could be like all you have to do is pick up the phone and call our Panama City office today. We can have you with that new smile before you know it!

You can reach us at 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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