What Can Be Done For Tooth Loss In Panama City, FL?

Your life will change following tooth loss as an adult, and not for the better.

Think about it: if you open your mouth to share a joke, a meal, or make small talk, the empty spaces in your smile will loom large. Even worse, your cheeks will eventually collapse aging you beyond your years, in terms of appearance.

You won’t look like your old self. And you won’t feel so good either. This situation can cause you to shy away from social settings and can be a real hit to your self-confidence in both your personal and professional lives.

It will alter your reality until you find a dentist in Panama City, FL you can trust to restore your smile. The good news is that Dr. Patel at Panama City Smiles can get you back on track fast with a dental implant procedure.

Keep reading to hear more and then be sure to arrange for your consultation to get started.

Health & Appearance Will Deteriorate

If you have already lost a tooth (or several teeth), dental implants from your Panama City, FL dentist can quickly bring back your natural look, and restore the life you once enjoyed.

But implants will do more than help your look.

Did you know that your body’s total health is connected to having a healthy mouth?

True story.

In order to be able to eat healthy, fiber-rich foods, you need a full set of working teeth. This is a big deal because fiber is involved with regulating your blood sugar and keeping your heart healthy.

It can keep strokes at bay, prevent weight gain and discourage hemorrhoids from appearing. So, tooth loss can literally be a major pain in the butt. And it really can wreck your health.

But that doesn’t have to be your fate!

Dr. Patel Will Turn Things Around

Dental implants from Panama City Smiles can permanently bring back the biting power you took for granted when your teeth were all there.

Our implants integrate with your jawbone to replace the tooth’s root with a titanium post. The post is there to provide a foundation for a crown that will be placed on top (the crown is the part that looks like a real tooth).

Truly, dental implants are a fabulous addition to our bag of tricks that we can offer patients in order to help replace a missing tooth. As long as you are comfortably numb, we can go ahead and not only get you an implant on the same day but in some cases put a temporary restoration in place so that you essentially get a tooth in there on the same day as well. So, be sure to ask about same-day smile options. Final restorations always follow a few months later, once sufficient healing and fusion take place in your jawbone.

We are always amazed at just how well patients recover from what, to them, seems like such a challenging or difficult procedure to do.

The best part is that your dental implants from Panama City Smiles will last the rest of your lifetime, if cared for properly.

Here’s the only catch: to be considered as a candidate for implants at Panama City Smiles, you must be in relatively good health and free of chronic disease. If you are cleared to move forward, you will be blown away by the end results! And so will everybody else!

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