Why Braces?

It’s a question we hear from orthodontic patients and parents a lot: why are braces the best option? A lot of the patients we see don’t want to wear traditional braces and are interested in treatments like ClearCorrect or our other short-term solutions. Quite frankly, those aren’t for everyone, and sometimes braces are just the right choice.

At Panama City Smiles we want to deliver the best results possible, and for many cases of malocclusion, that means full-scale orthodontic treatment. If you’re wondering about braces for yourself or a member of your family there can be a lot to think about, but there are some very definite reasons why braces are the best choice for many people.

What Do Braces Do?

There is one big difference between braces and other orthodontic treatments: the cosmetic approach. Treatments like ClearCorrect are great if you just need to straighten the look of your smile, but when those crooked teeth are causing other problems you need braces.

Braces don’t simply move the crowns of your teeth into a better-looking position. They move the roots and change your bite so that all the parts of your mouth work more smoothly. Think of it like repairing a house: sometimes you just need to replace some siding or repaint a wall, but you might need to get to the inner bits and repair it there as well!

A well-functioning mouth needs a good bite, proper root positions, and healthy teeth all working together: that’s what braces will get you!

What Braces Can Cure

Orthodontic treatments definitely fix the visible issues that your smile has, but there’s a lot more than they can do.

Jaw Pain

As you get older you may notice persistent pain in your jaw. For many patients jaw pain is always there, making eating, talking, and any movement of the jaw really uncomfortable. This is known as the temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. It can have a variety of causes, and teeth alignment problems are one of the most common!

This is part of that fully functional mouth we mentioned earlier: if your teeth aren’t aligned properly a lot can go wrong! You could have premature tooth wear, problems biting, and general jaw alignment problems that disrupt the natural rest position of your mouth. Your teeth are meant to fit together in a comfortable position, and if their alignment is off your jaw won’t have a good place to rest.

Braces move your teeth and change the shape of your jaw so that your teeth can rest comfortably and function with ease. If you or your children suffer from these kinds of problems then traditional orthodontics is the best option for you.

Prevent Problems Later On

When we recommend braces for your child or teenager we’re often doing it in a proactive manner. With regular dental exams we can easily detect future alignment problems and address them before your child’s permanent teeth are all in place and settled. This is a great option for saving time and money: we’ll start treating the issue before it’s even really there.

Using orthodontic care as a preventive treatment isn’t new, and it’s a reliable way to give your child a great smile that they can grow into with ease. For many patients, our treatment will take less time, be more comfortable, and will provide superior results that will be harder to achieve later in life. If you’re worried about the look of your child’s teeth don’t let them grow into someone who wishes they would have had braces years earlier!

Eliminate Speech Problems

This is one of those reasons people rarely think about:  orthodontic treatment can resolve speech impediments as well! Many of the reasons that people have lisps and other problems are because of the position of their teeth. Orthodontic treatment can eliminate those problems for many patients.

If you or your child has seen a speech therapist and has been told that the problem is physical orthodontic treatment may be the perfect solution!

Don’t Wait!

Orthodontic treatment for any of these reasons can take a while, so don’t delay starting treatment for you or a member of your family. The sooner we see you at our Panama City office the sooner your smile and all it affects will be perfect!

You can reach our office by calling us at 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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