You Can Rebuild Your Smile Better Than Ever

Sometimes you have to start over in life. That’s also true when it comes to smiles.

Accidents and injuries, gum disease, and tooth decay are among the reason you may be missing multiple teeth from your smile. You may even be among the tens of millions of Americans who are missing one or both rows of teeth.

The good news is that you can visit Brandon Family Dental to restore your smile. We offer full-mouth reconstruction at our Ortonville, MI dental practice. We’ve seen how it has improved the quality of life and the confidence of our patients.

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Start with a Stable Foundation

If you want to build a new fence, the first thing you would do is dig holes and place fence posts. These posts make the fence stronger and more stable.

Without those posts, you would be trying to get your fence to stand on the surface. How long do you think it would stay up without fence posts to secure it?

Dental implants serve a similar function for your dental restorations. Implants take the place of the roots of your missing teeth. They are embedded directly in your jawbone, which lets them anchor your dentures or dental bridge in your mouth.

Implants also make your jaw stronger, which reduces your risk of bone loss. This reduces your risk of premature wrinkles and it helps you put more power behind each bite and chew. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of having implants is that they allow you to continue eating the foods that you love without any adhesive!

Creating a Natural Smile

Throughout human history, people have tried a lot of different ways to replace missing teeth. Some ancient cultures tried using seashells and stones. A little closer to our times, people tried making dentures from animal bones and ivory.

Today, we have advanced materials that match the appearance of a natural smile.

But your teeth do more than that for you. We already mentioned eating, but teeth also affect how people speak and pronounce words.

By replacing your missing teeth with realistic-looking replacements, you can feel more relaxed in a variety of situation. You won’t worry that your “teeth” are a distraction during a job interview, a night out with new friends, or more private situations.

New Teeth & a Team You Can Trust

Our dental professionals want you to live your best life. That’s easier when you have a healthy mouth, including a full set of teeth. With our full-mouth reconstruction options, you can replace everything you’ve lost from your smile and restore the function of your missing teeth.

During your visit to our Panama City, FL dental practice, please take advantage of our many comfort options. We offer blankets, pillows, beverages, and earbuds if you would like to listen to music or watch television while we work for you.

To learn more or to request your appointment, please fill out our online form or call 850-588-0185 today. It could be your first step toward your new and improved smile!

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