You deserve a beautiful smile! And, you can have one – even after tooth loss. Dentures are a long-term restorative option for those looking for an easy-to-wear and natural look. In just one consultation at our Panama City, FL dental office, you can be on your way to a custom smile that’s perfect for you.

Your Denture Options

Dental technology is always evolving. This allows us to provide you with the most convenient and effective treatment plan for your unique situation. At Panama City Smiles, we provide the following types of dentures:

Overdentures: Overdentures are a more traditional style of dentures. This removable option fits over a patient’s existing tooth roots. Using the existing dental structures allows for a proper fit that is aesthetically pleasing.

All-On-Four: Your dentures should feel as comfortable as your natural smile! All-On-Four dentures involve the surgical placement of four dental implants per arch. A full set of fabricated teeth are then attached for a full restoration that is secure and more affordable than individual implants.

Benefits of Dentures

Replacing your teeth with dentures can do so much more than just boosting your self-esteem. Because each set of dentures is custom-made for the patient, you can rest assured that you’ll leave our office with the best smile possible! The benefits of dentures include:

  • Restored function
  • Natural-looking final product
  • Fuller, younger look
  • Supported facial muscles
  • Improved speech
  • Decreased oral bone loss
  • Long-term solution

Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures are easy to care for and can last you decades when treated properly. To begin, you should gently clean your dentures every day. After removal, simply rinse and then brush with a soft bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive cleanser. This’ll remove any buildup of food particles and bacteria that, when left to settle, can cause an array of oral health issues.

Additionally, when you’re not wearing your dentures, be sure to store them in a safe place, covered in water. This’ll ward off warping. Lastly, should you feel any discomfort, you need to consult your dentist to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly!

Restore your smile’s natural look and feel with dentures! To learn more about your options, contact our trusted Panama City FL dentists by giving us a call at 850-588-0185 or using our online form!

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