Dental Cleanings and Exams

If you’re looking to book your next dental cleanings and exams, call Panama City Smiles! At our Panama City, FL dental office,
Dr. Patel
, Dr. Pappas, and our team of professionals combine compassionate, patient-centered care with advanced technique to better care for you.

The Panama City Smiles Experience

Your new patient experience begins the moment you make an appointment with Panama City Smiles. Here’s what to expect:

  • You will receive a welcome packet in the mail, with everything you need to get started and details about what to bring with you.
  • You will be greeted by Christa, shown around the office, and introduced to some of our friendly team members.
  • You can enjoy a beverage while we finish your paperwork.
  • You will find your treatment room with your name on it and meet your hygienist there for a thorough cleaning, dental exam, and oral cancer screening.
  • You will be given a breakdown of your care and possibly recommended further treatment or general dental care depending on your situation.

We hope you enjoy your first visit and every visit to our office!

Professional Dental Cleanings And Exams From Panama City Smiles

When you think about all the nooks and crannies in your teeth, it becomes clear that brushing and flossing simply cannot reach every place in your mouth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, only dental experts like Dr. Patel, Dr. Pappas, or our dental hygienist can remove it with special tools.

To prevent tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold, practice good oral home care and visit Panama City Smiles regularly for thorough cleanings by dental professionals. Our goal is to catch problems early so we can solve them in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible.

Make an appointment at Panama City Smiles today by using our online form or calling (850) 763-8788. An appointment for dental cleanings and exams usually takes about an hour or so, but it can save you so much time, hassle, and money down the road.

Audrey Gillian

We were a part of this practice before it became Panama City Smiles — and occlude;t be happier with the change. The care, the professionalism, and the personal touches ass to exceptional work received. I’ve had several crowns the last couple years and can’t say enough about the experience. No ...


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