Are you missing most of your natural teeth, leaving you with an incomplete smile? Overdentures just might be the dental solution you’ve been waiting for! Overdentures are an effective way to replace your missing teeth, leaving you with a full and beautiful smile. Receive overdentures in Panama City today by contacting Panama City Smiles!

What Are Overdentures?

Overdentures are removable dentures, that are sculpted to fit over the patient’s tooth roots; essentially using the individual’s tooth roots as anchors that help the dentures fit properly. The results are an effective solution for missing teeth that leaves the patient with a restored and complete smile.

Overdentures Benefits

There are a variety of noteworthy benefits that come with overdentures. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Affordable solution
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Function as your natural teeth, allowing you to chew and speak with ease
  • Retain your natural facial structure
  • No bone grafting involved
  • And more!

Replacing Missing Teeth with Overdentures

Don’t go another day with missing teeth or an incomplete smile! Top Panama City, FL dentist, Dr. Patel, is here to restore your smile with the help of overdentures. Call Panama City Smiles today at 850-588-0185, or use our online form to schedule your private consultation for overdentures today!

Amber P.

Dr. Patel is amazing. He is very friendly. He is very professional. He's knows, you know, he's just very knowledgeable. And I've been extremely happy with him and his staff. You go to a lot of places you'd feel judged, and I've never felt that way here. I've always been welcomed and I love it ...


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