Cindy Clements

I’m actually new in town, I’m from Alabama so I had to find somebody who would take my insurance and that’s how I picked him and I would have picked him no matter what had if I had known because he is great. He did my front teeth and I had always been ashamed of my front teeth. I either would do a closed smile or cover my mouth when I smiled and he gave me a smile that I’m proud to show off. It makes me feel a lot better about myself, my attitude has changed. My coworkers have noticed the change in my attitude. They always have your name on the outside of the door, it is written RESERVED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU and that kind of makes you feel special. They try to work around your working hours. They have just been great and I couldn’t have asked for anybody to be any better. I recommend Dr. Patel and Panama City Smiles because they will give you a smile that you are proud to show.

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