Courtney Howell

I had braces and I was going to an orthodontist and I had horrible anxiety about the dentist the first time I came here but now I don’t mind. It’s like “it’s my six month cleaning, okay let’s go”. They tell you, okay this is what I’m going to do, this is how it is going to go and that’s exactly what happens. It’s not like how some people say I’m going to do this and they do it and it’s like OUCH but no, it’s not that way here. It’s just the environment is so friendly and comfortable, it sets him aside from other dentists because you go in and they make it strictly professional but here it’s more like a family or friendly environment. It feels like home like you come in and they always greet you at the door, they know you are coming in for your appointment and they greet you by name. It is a friendly environment. If anyone asks about a dentist, I always recommend Dr. Patel at Panama City Smiles.

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