Lawrence Small

I had to have them fixed so I could have my heart surgery, it’s one of the requirements to have heart surgery so it was nice that I could be brought in. I had to have it done by a certain time and it was done. They had to put two crowns on and two fillings had to be replaced because they were too worn. I didn’t have any problems with hurting, no pain, it was real nice. Most dentists they don’t think about the pain, they are more into doing it and this is the first dentist I’ve never really had to worry about stuff hurting, I’ve had that happen a couple of times with other dentists. I’ve been to places, I go to doctors all the time and if I don’t feel like a person, I don’t go back. You have to feel like you are somebody. If I call, I get an answer. If I say my tooth is hurting, they will say come in. If they don’t have an opening, they will make an opening. I mean that’s how good they are.

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