Shelby Nessman

Panama City Smiles sees tons of children and they really involve the parents. One thing that is good is that they let you stay with your child which makes the child and the parent feel better. They are very informative and let the children know what is going on ahead of time and that helps makes everybody feel more comfortable. He was great with the kids. He let them know what he was doing the whole time and made them feel more comfortable, made us feel more comfortable. We were able to make payment arrangements and they did give us a discount because they didn’t accept our insurance for him at that time so that was really good. I would say that they care, they genuinely care, they other ones just seemed like they didn’t care too much. They were able to get us in, take care of us and work out a plan. Panama City Smiles is a family dentist and they will see your whole family. The children will get quality care just as the parents do. I would recommend coming to Panama City Smiles and Dr. Patel to the whole family.

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