Tammi Arena

I have not been to the dentist in quite some time as I’m fairly new to the area, a couple of years but have been a single mom for a lot of years so dental care has always been about my children. My youngest finally turned 18 so now it’s my turn. I have extensive work that I need done and we are half way through the process and I chose Dr. Patel through checking on the internet, reading reviews of that nature and I’m very glad that I did because everybody here is very kind and compassionate; some things are pretty scary when you have a lot of stuff you are faced with. He has that personality that makes you feel comfortable because he is quiet, calm and laid back. I’m a loud Yankee so when I come across that personality that’s so calm, it’s comforting and his staff here at Panama City Smiles is exceptional as well. They are friendly, they welcome you, they comfort you and keep you at ease when you come in for your work and treatments. They have me smiling again.

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