Jaime C.

I like coming to Panama City Smiles because they provide great care and you never have to wait. They’re just really professional and they take good care of you.
I was out of town. My son was having surgery in Birmingham. I cracked my very back tooth. I was in excruciating pain. My regular dentist was not able to get me in for almost a week, so I called here and they could see me the next day.
Originally, they just wanted to do a root canal, you know, knowing that there was a chance that they may not be able to save my tooth, and, upon the assessment, after that, Dr. Pappas determined that it was not able to be saved. He showed me everything I needed to see, and then we went with the treatment plan from there. That was when we decided I needed the implant. He did the extraction and a bone graft and the implant all at once. It took less than two hours, and he did a great job. I was very impressed. It actually decreased the amount of visits that I would have to come back, too, so that helped because I don’t live very close. So that was helpful as well.
Whenever I’ve come here, they’ve always been friendly. They’ve been professional. Dr. Pappas made me feel very comfortable, explaining everything. Thomas was really good, helpful. Jennifer was helpful. They’ve all been really good. They tell you everything that’s gonna happen from start to finish. They’re friendly. There’s no wait times. I mean, the appointments are quick. You know, you don’t have to wait to see anybody. So, I mean, for all of those reasons, I decided to drive an hour which, you know, is out of my way but it’s worth it to come here.

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