Tooth Extractions

If you are in pain and require tooth extractions services, call Panama City Smiles today! We have our top-rated Panama City, FL dentists Dr. Patel and Dr. Pappas are highly experienced at performing extractions, and our caring team will help you feel as relaxed as possible.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our Panama City, FL dental office at 850-588-0185 right away! We’ll do everything we can to get you a same-day appointment.

When A Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

There are many reasons you may require a tooth removal, including:

  • Damage from injury or advanced tooth decay
  • Infection or risk of infection
  • A crowded mouth
  • To prepare for orthodontic treatment, or to maintain alignment after orthodontic treatment
  • Failing teeth resulting from gum disease
  • Preparation for tooth replacement
  • Wisdom teeth that require removal

Gentle Tooth Extractions From Panama City Smiles

Regardless of your particular situation, our highly skilled dentists can help. There are two basic types of tooth extractions:

  • Simple tooth extractions are for visible teeth that need to be removed. First, we will give you a local anesthetic to put you at ease. Then, Dr. Patel or Dr. Pappas will use a modern technique to gently remove your tooth.
  • Surgical extractions are done for more complicated cases, like when a tooth is broken or impacted. In these cases, we may use dental sedation in addition to local anesthesia to ensure your optimum comfort.

We also provide a menu of amenities to help you relax during your procedure:

  • Televisions
  • Relaxing music
  • Warm towels
  • Comfortable neck pillows
  • A snack and drink bar

Following the extraction of one or more teeth, we will provide specific instructions to minimize your discomfort and speed up the recovery process. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Don’t put up with problem teeth. Let the top Panama City, FL dentists and compassionate team at Panama City Smiles relieve your pain and improve your oral health with tooth extractions. You can use our online form to request an evaluation, or give us a call at 850-588-0185. We can even discuss tooth replacement options to refill your smile.

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