Your First Orthodontic Appointment

If you or your child are ready to start the journey to a straighter smile, call Panama City Smiles for your first orthodontic appointment with Dr. Patel today!

At our Panama City, FL dental office, we combine cutting-edge technology and a warm, comforting atmosphere to provide the high quality, comfortable care you and your family deserve!

What To Expect At Your First Orthodontic Appointment

First, we will perform a comprehensive examination to determine whether orthodontic treatment is needed. We will take digital X-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth, so we can:

  • Have a clear picture of the starting point of your treatment
  • See how your treatment needs to progress
  • Track your results during your treatment

We will also discuss your orthodontic issues, our treatment options, and a timeline for your treatment. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. Then, we will go over the treatment costs and payment plans available.

Don’t forget to bring your new patient forms, insurance information, and any X-rays from previous dentists.

What To Expect During Your Orthodontic Treatment

Before you have your appointment to place the braces on your teeth, we like to make sure you understand the level of commitment it will take on your part for the treatment to be successful:

  • Thorough yet careful brushing and flossing is key to keeping your teeth healthy through the orthodontic process.
  • Keeping your scheduled appointments is important to maintain progress in your treatment plan. Missing appointments can delay treatment, adding unnecessary cost and time.
  • Staying up-to-date on your payment plan will ensure there are no interruptions or detours in your journey to a straighter smile.

We will set up an appointment schedule for adjustments and progress checks to fit your schedule.

If you or your child are ready for your first orthodontic appointment, or if you have any questions about orthodontic treatment or your appointment schedule, call Panama City Smiles at 850-588-0185 or use our online form.

Chris Wheatley

This place is great. I feel so welcome here! The staff is great. Thank you for my gift. Never ever have been treated this nice in a dental office (wow). I will make sure to tell everyone about the way you keep me smiling. We need more loving and caring businesses like Panama City Smiles. ...

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